Frequently Asked Questions



How old do you have to be to play?

Any woman over the age of 19 can play in RHLSP League. In fact, we have players over 70! But don’t underestimate them…they are the Yoda of slo-pitch.

What is the level of play in RLSP? Can I join if I’ve never played before?

We are a lighthearted recreational league with players of every level. The best part is that new players can and will learn from the seasoned players and all players are very supportive.

What’s included in my registration fee?

Your registration covers 16 seasonal games played once a week from May to August and two tournaments played in May and August. You will also be provided with a new jersey each season. WOW!

Can I join with friends or as a team?

You may join with a couple of friends (see registration form for restrictions) but we cannot accept team registrations. The league is meant to promote camaraderie and, as such, will pull a random draft year after year so that you’ll get a chance to play with new people each year and get to know all RHLSP players over time.

How long is the playing season?

The season runs from early May to late August. So not to worry if you’re heading back to school, the season will be over by then.

What nights are game nights?

All games are played on Tuesday nights at Richmond Green, either 7:15 or 8:45pm, with the exception of tournaments.

What are the Tournaments like?

There are 2 scheduled Tournaments. The first is in late May (never on the long weekend) and it’s a fun tournament for the players to get to know each other. The second tournament is scheduled at the end of August and acts as a round robin to determine the season Champs.

What is the season format like?

Although we keep score and count wins vs losses they don’t count in the final tournament for seeding. All teams are seeded equally in the year end round robin This allows players to focus on practicing in different positions without the pressure of trying to win a game.

When is the banquet?

The banquet is typically held on the Saturday night during the final tournament weekend. It’s more of a fun girl’s night with your summer slo-pitch friends and a great way to wrap up the season.

How do I register?

Go to the downloads page on the website and fill out the registration form. You can mail in your payment or send in your payment via E-Transfer.